Great Links of Interest

Here are some sites that we like and think you might enjoy, too!

What is Your Religion?
This site,, has lots of fun stuff, but our favorite is their quiz on what religion your beliefs point toward.

Responsible Shopper
Are your tennis shoes made in a sweat shop? Just type in the name of any company or brand, and this gives you a report about the company -- hiring practices, environmental policies, etc.

Religious Tolerance
Promoting religious tolerance of all faiths

The Heifer Project
This organization works at giving needful people in depressed parts of the world the means to help themselves.

The Religious Freedom Page
A project from the University of Virginia, this is a beautiful site detailing the worldwide history of the fight for religious freedom.

More Fun Quizzes
All kinds of quizzes -- spirituality, trivia, personality -- all for fun! (And according to one quiz -- our church is a hip and happening congregation on the cutting edge!)

Foundation for Global Community's All is One Flash