Sermon Based Small Groups (SBSG)

One of the new possibilities for personal growth that comes with our partnership with First UU is the possibility of forming Sermon Based small groups. For our congregation, it would be very similar to our corner forum format. The difference would be that it would be smaller groups (8-12 is the “standard” size) that meet in the same group each week. Study material is provided as well as note taking material for use during the sermon. Each group has a facilitator that helps the group observe the rules of engagements for small discussion groups.

It is possible for small groups to meet on days other than Sunday; our congregation may find it easier to meet on Sundays since several of us meet on Wednesdays for Adult RE and other covenant groups.

The idea behind the SBSG is to help members grow by taking a deeper look at the sermon content with other members and thereby create deeper connections with one another and to emphasize the relevance of the sermon with respect to our “real” lives. SBSG groups last for ten week sessions, with time off during the weeks around the winter solstice.

Stay tuned for more detail – SBSG will start September 16 in our congregation (since we will be one week behind on sermons from Midtown).

Please sign up below if you are interested in attending a sermon based growth group.  Each will be 1.5 hour sessions.  Please enter your first and second preferences for meeting date/times.

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