Every Sunday we give half of all plate donations to a charitable organization. If you have a favorite 501(c)(3) organization please send your suggestions to You can see where our past and current Share-the-Plate donations are going to below.

Our Share-the-Plate Donation History
DatesOrganization NameDescriptionWebsite
May, 2019Pride HoustonThis month’s share-the-plate offering is going to Pride Houston in support of the Houston Pride Festival in June. For more than 40 years, Pride Houston has been a central part of the local LGBT community in Houston. Their core mission is to strengthen equality and increase awareness around issues important to our community such as health, safety and marriage equality. Pride Houston celebrates the individuality and diversity of every person as they strive for acceptance from parents, friends and society-at-large.
April, 2019Trees for HoustonThis month’s share-the-plate offering is going to Trees for Houston, a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting, protecting and promoting trees in the greater Houston area since 1983. Now celebrating their 36th anniversary with over half a million trees planted, they grow, plant and maintain over 20,000 trees each year for a multitude of projects across the greater Houston region. They take requests from the public to plant trees wherever they may benefit the public, and will plant a tree to honor someone's memory or other special occasion. They maintain the trees for 2 years after planting them. Trees reduce air pollution, provide oxygen, reduce urban heat and home cooling bills by shading buildings and concrete. Trees provide food and habitat for wildlife. Trees reduce storm water runoff and slow erosion. Not least of all trees reduce stress and beautify our surroundings. Your donation allows Trees For Houston to plant and maintain vibrant, healthy neighborhoods throughout the Houston region.
March 17-24, 2019United for Christchurch Mosque ShootingsIt's with a heavy heart we share this story. Unfortunately, multiple lives were lost and many people were injured when a gunman opened fire in 2 Christchurch Mosques during Friday prayers on 15 March 2019. Let us take this opportunity to show our solidarity with the victims and encourage love, tolerance, and unity. Today our share-the-plate offering will go to “United for Christchurch”. All funds raised are going to be distributed to the families by NZIIC - New Zealand Islamic Information Centre. All proceeds will help with the immediate, short-term needs of the grieving families. No amount of money will bring back their loved ones, but we do hope to lessen their burden in some way. SpacerUnitedforChristchurch
March, 2019Writers in the Schools (WITS)Since 1983, Writers in the Schools (WITS) has worked hand-in-hand with educators and professional writers to teach students the craft of writing. WITS is transforming the hearts and minds of young people all over Houston. Over 38,000 children and teachers in 360 Houston classrooms plant their own stories each year, and discover the WITS magic that's cultivated every day. WITS works in conjunction with the University of Houston Creative Writing Program to engage children in the joy and power of reading and writing. Their Creative Writing Camp teaches a vital truth: that not only can we actualize our potential as individuals while participating in a community, but that it is because of our community that our individuality has a place to take shape and thrive.