dUUdes Being dudes

This group is a chance for the guys in the church to get together after a long week and just be guys. We meet at a local pub, have a beer or soft drink for those who don't drink alcohol and just shoot the breeze.

What this is not is a forum for discussing: a higher calling (if you do, then you buy a round), ethics for a new millenium (if you do, then you buy a round), tragedies against social justice (if you do, then you buy a round) or anything that doesn't involve some sort of sport-like competition, a car/motorcycle, beer, outdoor cooking, college/high school antics, your lawn, camping/roughing it, home improvement projects/tips, or things of the like.

Unitarian Universalist UU men and friends currently meet at Barney's Pool Hall, 10670 Fm 1960 Rd W Houston, TX 77070, fourth Friday of each month.

For more information contact Geoff Sanders - dg@uutapestry.org.