Weaving a Tapestry

Covenant Groups are small groups that meet for a specific purpose. They share the following characteristics:

•  Size: Groups can be up to 12 people.

•  Frequency:  At least once a month.

•  Format: Covenant groups begin with centering, generally in the form of a reading, followed by check-in. During check-in each person has a chance to speak briefly about his or her day,week, or situation in life at that moment. Following check-in, the business or function of the group begins. Shortly before closing time each person is asked to say, in a word or phrase, how he or she is feeling as the meeting closes. There is a brief closing.

•  Leadership: Each Covenant group is led by a woman or man who facilitates the functioning of the group.

•  Covenants: Each group defines how the members intend to relate to each other and how they, as a group, will serve their church.

•  During meetings, one chair is intentionally left empty to symbolize that newcomers are always welcome.

Covenant groups are a form of extended ministry that help meet two fundamental needs:

•  People come to church to be lifted out of the ordinary, to be drawn up from the mundane, and to seek relief from the omnipresent materialism of our culture.

•  People, living in our society of frequent re-locations and diminished family support, come to our church to find friends, community, "a place where everybody knows your name."

Covenant groups provide for both of these needs in ways that our Sunday services, coffee hours, committee meetings and other gatherings cannot.

Covenant Groups
All Covenant Groups are open for members and visitors. Please contact the group for specific information on that group, or for general questions about all our covenant groups, contact sgmt@uutapestry.org.


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