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Weaving a Tapestry

Sunday Schedule:

11:00 Sunday Service and Children's Religious Education
12:15 Adult Religious Education and Corner Forum
Corner Forum

The Corner Forum is a lively discussion group that meets after service at 12:15.

Discussions are based on a Deep Listening model where participants react to planned questions related to the sermon topic of the day.  Please join us!

Our Affirmation

From all that dwell below the skies
Let songs of hope and faith arise;
Let peace, goodwill on earth be sung
Through every land by every tongue.

All ages are invited to attend our worship service. Anything said at our services is for your intellectual and spiritual stimulation; no one is asked to agree or acquiesce to any doctrine or creed. Instead, you are free to seek the truth for yourself according to the dictates of your own reason and conscience.

 January 26, 2020
Randy Partain

Our society has been talking more openly about toxic behavior in recent years. Maybe you've ended a relationship with someone at some point in your life because they seemed toxic to you. We can't always disengage easily from people we think of as toxic. They may be in our workplace, in our social organizations, or even in our families. Sometimes, there might even be a hint of toxic people in church communities. What would it feel like to be equipped to fearlessly handle toxic material? Would you believe that our Unitarian Universalist principles provide us with guidance about addressing toxicity? Join us as we explore our capability to create a less toxic world.

 February 2, 2020
Multiple Realities
Randy Partain

Science fiction stories often imagine multiple realities co-existing or colliding in some way. But what if the experience of multiple co-existing realities is real? What if our capability to embrace multiculturalism is rooted in our ability to recognize multiple realities? Our stories may be stories of inclusion or exclusion. Stories of mattering or marginalization. Or all of the above! Telling our stories requires vulnerability. Welcoming stories from others -- stories that are very different from our own -- might require some vulnerability too. Join us as we explore our multiple realities and learn to truly share our diverse stories with one another.

 February 9, 2020
Driving While White: Racism and White Privilege in America
Tom Parker

UUs have a long history of taking a stand against racism. But what about the grey areas we deal with both publicly and privately? Is racism ever justified? How does racism manifest itself in your life? To what extent are you a racist? Join us on Feb. 9th when Tom Parker addresses these and other questions about what UUs can do about racism both in and around them.

 February 16, 2020
Theme - Multiculturalism
Randy Partain

 February 23, 2020
Theme - Multiculturalism
Randy Partain