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Weaving a Tapestry

Sunday Schedule:

11:00 Sunday Service and Children's Religious Education
12:15 Adult Religious Education and Corner Forum
Corner Forum

The Corner Forum is a lively discussion group that meets after service at 12:15.

Discussions are based on a Deep Listening model where participants react to planned questions related to the sermon topic of the day.  Please join us!

Our Affirmation

From all that dwell below the skies
Let songs of hope and faith arise;
Let peace, goodwill on earth be sung
Through every land by every tongue.

All ages are invited to attend our worship service. Anything said at our services is for your intellectual and spiritual stimulation; no one is asked to agree or acquiesce to any doctrine or creed. Instead, you are free to seek the truth for yourself according to the dictates of your own reason and conscience.

 October 20, 2019
The Better Devas of Our Nature
Randy Partain

In Hunduism, a deva is rather like what Western religion might call an angel. Some devas represent the forces of nature and some represent moral values, each symbolizing the essence of a focused area of knowledge or creative energy. Whether we believe in such beings or not, it might be interesting to think of the focused, creative devas of various aspects of our lives. How might our "relationship deva" guide us toward deeper connection and vulnerability? Or how might our "professional deva" guide us in our career decisions? How might a "Tapestry deva" guide us in our community building? Together, we'll explore an imaginative spiritual practice as well as our congregational covenant.

 October 27, 2019
Dia de Los Muertos
Randy Partain

Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is an annual event that unfolds over two days of color and life-affirming joy, when people demonstrate love and respect for ancestors. In towns and cities throughout Mexico, revelers don bright makeup and costumes, hold parades and parties, sing and dance, and make offerings to lost loved ones. As we honor this traditional Mexican feast for the senses, you are invited to bring a picture of a departed loved one.

 November 3, 2019
Spirituality testimonials (tentative)
Randy Partain

 November 10, 2019
Veteran's Day (tentative)
Allan Perkins

 November 17, 2019
Thanking Our Inner Critic (tentative)
Randy Partain

 November 24, 2019
Bread Ceremony
Randy Partain

 December 1, 2019
Randy Partain

 December 8, 2019

 December 15, 2019
Randy Partain

 December 22, 2019
Winter Solstice
Randy Partain

 December 24, 2019
Christmas Eve Sing a Long
Randy Partain

 December 29, 2019

 January 5, 2020
Burning Bowl
Randy Partain