Weaving a Tapestry

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11:00 Sunday Service
12:15 Table Talk and Corner Forum
Corner Forum

The Corner Forum is a lively discussion group that meets after service at 12:15.

Discussions are based on a Deep Listening model where participants react to planned questions related to the sermon topic of the day.  Please join us!

Our Affirmation

From all that dwell below the skies
Let songs of hope and faith arise;
Let peace, goodwill on earth be sung
Through every land by every tongue.

All ages are invited to attend our worship service. Anything said at our services is for your intellectual and spiritual stimulation; no one is asked to agree or acquiesce to any doctrine or creed. Instead, you are free to seek the truth for yourself according to the dictates of your own reason and conscience.

 August 9, 2020
All about GA 2020
Geoff Sanders, Tess Bennett, Dave Sherwood, Chris Lowe

Join us via Zoom by clicking HERE at 11 am on Sunday.

Join us this week as our members and delegates who attended share their experiences about the first ever virtual UU General Assembly conference earlier this year. Hear about the votes and about our larger UU faith community.

 August 16, 2020
A New Normal
Randy Partain

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So many people have said that "normal" is just a setting on the washing machine. Many of us take pride in being unique. Maybe we want people to think of us as edgy or cool or independent thinkers. And yet, when it comes to the way we judge or accept others, it often comes down to how well another person fits our personal definition of "normal." When we say, "How could someone believe that?" or "People shouldn't behave that way," so often it's based on our own opinion about what "normal" should look like. How can we draw the circle or welcome wider and still embrace our own sense of individuality? How we grow as a community depends on this question.

 August 23, 2020
Water Communion
Randy Partain

Join us via Zoom by clicking HERE at 11 am on Sunday.

Although we are unable to meet in person, we still want to celebrate all that water symbolizes in our lives. Water is often seen as a symbol of purification and healing. For Taoists, water symbolizes wisdom. The ancient Greeks considered water to be a symbol of transformation. Among the first peoples of North America, water was a symbol of life itself. Water has a great deal to offer us as we seek a sense of healing and flexibility in our changing world, and as we seek deeper connection within ourselves and with one another. We invite you to bring a vessel of water and a bowl with you to this virtual service.

 August 30, 2020
UU Principles In Practice - Social Justice / Service Sunday