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Weaving a Tapestry

Supporting Tapestry UU of Houston

Below you will find several ways to support Tapestry UU Church of Houston. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to email us at or phone 281-728-0587.

1. Make Donations or Pledge Payments by Cash, Check or Online Banking

One way to make your pledge payments while avoiding service fees is to just drop cash or a check into the plate on Sunday. Or, set up a recurring payment through your own bank's online banking website.

Make checks payable to:  

Tapestry Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston

Mail to:  

PO Box 11047
Spring, TX 77391
2. Make Donations or Pledge Payments with Vanco

Another way to make automated regular pledge payments without worrying about missing a payment is to using Vanco. Click the link below to set it up:

3. Make a One-Time Donation or Payment with Zelle

Tapestry UU is now accepting payments electronically via Zelle. With Zelle, you can send your contributions safely and easily through your trusted banking website, or with the Zelle app if your bank doesn’t currently offer Zelle. The email to use when sending money to Tapestry UU is

To find out if your bank or credit union already offers Zelle, go to where you can search for your banking institution. You can still use the Zelle app if your bank or credit union isn’t listed.

Once a payment is sent, Tapestry will receive notification within just a few minutes. Visit to learn more.

4. Send Money with PayPal

You can also send money via PayPal by specifying the recipient's email address of (Be sure to cut and paste this email address so that you don't accidentally misspell it)