Weaving a Tapestry

Please Take Our Interests and Skills Survey

If you haven't already done so, please take a few moments to fill out your Interests and Skills Survey. This is your opportunity to say how you'd like to support Tapestry with your volunteer hours, or sharing a talent. It is also an opportunity to let us know what types of spiritual programs, social action, and fellowship groups you are interested in. You'll be able to check off boxes to show your level of support for a team/program/event:

  • I'll lead
  • I'll help plan and design
  • I'll be on the team or attend a program/event if someone else plans it, or
  • I need more information before I decide if it is right for me.

Choose interests that will nurture yourself and choose ways you will be able to nurture others through giving your time and talent to making something wonderful happen. Please remember to not overextend yourself with your precious resources of time, talent and treasure.

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InterestsI'll LeadI'll HelpI'll be on the teamWant info. Call me!Comments
Governance (member of the board - Pres, VP, Treasurer, Sec, At-Large)
Develop Mission and Vision (do not have to be a board member to work on this)
Nominating Team (find eligible team leaders)
Communications/Marketing Team (Newsletter, Advertising, Social Media, Website, IT)
Keep Tapestry calendar up to date
Help with website updates (I have CMS experience)
Healthy Communications Team (conflict resolution, behavior covenants)
Membership Team (new members, Pathways classes, new member ceremony)
Pathways to Membership Classes (New UU)
New Member Ceremonies
Welcome Team
Greet Sunday mornings
Follow up with visitors
Finance Team (works with treasurer, stewardship team and fundraising team)
Long Range Planning
Stewardship Team ( care for Tapestry through donations, time and talent)
Annual Geneorous Giving Campaign - Donations, time and talent
Volunteer Coordinator of time and talent interests
Fundraising Team ( ways to increase income)
Hospitality Team
Provide snacks for after church social hour
Help prepare coffee for after church social hour
Help set up Social Hall for Pot Luck Dinners
Help clean up Social Hall
Lay Ministry Team (caring for each other)
Cook and/or deliver a meal
Listen. Phone a friend / send snail mail or email
Give a ride to Sunday Service
Give a ride during the week
Worship Team
Lay Leader
Prepare Order of Service / Announcements
Develop list of Guest Speakers
Deliver a sermon that someone else wrote
Write and deliver a sermon
Sanctuary Set Up
Audio/Video Set Up
Music Team
Sing (Enter in comments part(s)/range you prefer to sing)
Play an Instrument(s) (Enter in comments what kind)
Spiritual Practices
Humanist, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish (Enter in comments all you are interested in)
Earth-Based Spirituality
Something Else (Enter in Comments)
Religious Education Team
Nursery / Pre-K
Middle School
High School
Chaperone Child-Friendly Outing
Chaperone Youth Rally
Alternate / Substitute Teacher
Adult Religious Education classes
OWL - Our Whole Lives Sexuality classes
Corner Forum
Show a talent or tell a personal story
Something Else (Enter in Comments)
Social Justice Team
Economic Justice
Environmental Action
Equality for All
Reproductive Rights
Texas UU Justice Ministry representative
Side with Love campaign representative
Untarian Universalist Network of Houston representative
Interfaith Ministries representative
Lead a Sermon or Adult Forum on Social Justice issue (Enter in comment preferred issues)
Community Service Projects
Postcard campaign
Charitable Giving / Share the Plate
Something Else (Enter in Comments)
Special Interests & Fellowship
Book Discussion Groups (Men's, Women's, Co-Ed, themed?...) (monthly)
Disc Golf Group (weekly)
Game Night (monthly)
Movie Night (monthly)
Craft Beer Tasting and Discussion (monthly)
Attend a UU Rally or retreat
Circle Dinners (potluck dinner for 8 people, to get to know each other) (monthly)
Outdoor Outings (Biking, Camping, Hiking) (fair weather)
Fiber Arts Group (Knitting, Crocheting, Quilting, etc.) (monthly)
Small Group Ministry (Covenant Groups)
World Cuisine Cooking Club
Something Else (Enter in Comments)
Didn't see what you were looking for on the survey?
Please share your areas of expertise, interests, hobbies, passions, career, etc.
Please share other ideas that we haven't considered yet.