Weaving a Tapestry

Dave Sherwood

Dave Sherwood (he/him, ally) is a current member of Tapestry UU Church of Houston where he serves as a Religious Exploration teacher and on Welcoming Certification, Finance, Worship Arts and CUUPs Committees. Dave is also a Board Member for the UBarU UU Camp and Retreat Center in Mountain Home, Texas. Dave became a UU in 2000 and spent 2000-2017 as a member of Northwoods UU Church in the Woodlands where he was active as an RE teacher and serving on the Generosity, Endowment and Leadership Development Committees. His hobbies include archaeology/history and religious studies as well as hiking, fishing and disc golf. He is learning to play a mean ukulele!

Dawn Newcomer

Dawn Newcomer (she/her) came out at age seventeen, and has been part of the LGBTQ community for over four decades. She serves Tapestry as President of the Board of Trustees, Marketing Team lead, and as a member of the Welcoming Congregation Certification Team. Dawn has two daughters who are in college, and she enjoys gardening, socializing, and working for social, economic and environmental justice.

Geoff Sanders

Geoff Sanders (he/him, ally) is a past president of Tapestry UU Church of Houston. He was a member of Bay Area UU Church, Clear Lake, Houston (1992-95), and he joined Northwest Community UU Church, the church that became Tapestry, in 1996. While at NWCUUC, Geoff served in many capacities, including five years on its board of trustees, and he assisted the church in obtaining UUA Certification as a Welcoming Congregation in 2007.

Raven Glines

Raven is one of those “life long UU’s” who’s earliest memory is being on Momma’s hip during services at UUFBC / Morgan’s Point Resort, Texas. Born to parents from the West Coast (Oregon/ Seattle) she hails the cultures and traditions of being environmentally conscious, living your values and being active where you are.

Raven currently attends The Woodlands College Park High School (online due to covid-19) and has actively been a part of her orchestra, serving as the lead 2 years in a row.

Raven has long been active in LGBTQ+ issues, attending PFLAG meetings, hosting youth groups at school for the GSA. She also attended local monthly meetings in the Woodlands for Life Gets Better Together and supports folks who need help and guidance to navigate tough times.

Raven loves baking, cooking, pottery and all things artistic and creative. She aspires to be a Sous Chef or Pastry Baker. Raven is currently working as a prep cook at local take n bake and plans to move onwards as she attains the coveted Texas Driver’s License. Her goal is to graduate High School and attend San Jacinto College and work under the tutelage of Chef Ray. After college, she plans to attend a Nationally recognized Chef training institute on the East Coast Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.