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LGBTQ Welcoming Congregation

We are a congregation that welcomes all persons. We commit to taking intentional steps to welcome and include people with marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities. We pledge to create ever-widening circles of solidarity and mutual respect.

When our church was Northwest Community UU Church (NWCUUC) we made a congregational commitment to pursue a Unitarian Universalist Association sponsored course of consciousness raising and anti-oppression work. This was a long term process that unfolded over a couple of years. The main activity of this Program was a series of workshops aimed at increasing our awareness in relationship to sexual minorities.

This workshop series found a prominent place in our busy church schedule with substantial attendance, through which we effected real change, person by person, within our Church. The Welcoming Congregation workshops were enriching and eye opening experiences for all who participated.

Now that we are Tapestry UU Church of Houston, we are again pursuing the UUA's course to become recertified as a Welcoming Congregation. Please contact wcc@uutapestry.org for more information.

WCC Resources

Here are some great resources as our Welcoming Congregation Certification (WCC) team begins ramping up