Weaving a Tapestry

Women's Spirituality Group

Hi to all WSG ladies,

Our meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month. Here is our covenant:

  • Be kind and assume good intentions from others
  • Respect where others are in their journey
  • This is a safe space
  • Actively listen to others; be present
  • What happens here, stays here 
  • Share the air
  • Give advice only when requested
  • Commit to arrive prepared and attend meetings

Our commitment will be to read three to four chapters each month After reading, each will try out the spiritual practice of their choice during that month. At our meeting we’ll share our experiences.

Please remember to bring an object that you’d like to place in our altar at every meeting. It can be something significant to your spiritual practice that month or an object that speaks to you. We’re creating a space that belongs to all of us at each meeting.

We are currently gathering via a Zoom meeting.

Please email womenspiritualitylead@uutapestry.org with any questions. Also feel free to forward to any other woman-aligned who’d be interested in joining us. Maximum amount of people is 12.

Happy reading and happy spiritual practicing to all!