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Living Your Spirituality

For many church goers Sunday service is all they need to feel inspired to get through the week. For others, the myriad of church activities is an integral part of their life. Many members of Tapestry are involved in a number of church activities and you can, too.

For the first time guest, one of the easiest ways to become immediately involved is the Corner Forum. You probably saw the description in the “What to expect on Sunday” link. It’s an easy way gently “put you toe in the water” to feel things out.

But once you’ve visited a few times and you feel like you’d like to be more a part of this church community, here a few ways.

  • Getting involved
    • Help make coffee in the morning
    • Assist in the nursery
    • Help gather candles and place hymnals before service
    • Hand out the Order of Service on Sunday
    • Be active in a small group ministry. See a list here.
    • Help brainstorm ideas for the Faith in Action team.
  • Been coming awhile?…
    • Become a teacher’s assistant in Sunday School.
    • Join the choir
    • Get involved with a committee. You can find a list of them here.
    • Can you play piano… ask to see some sheet music so you can play a hymn one Sunday.
    • Assist with our building committee to make our space beautiful.
  • Been here a long while?…
    • Become a lector and guide the service.
    • Head a committee.
    • Plan a faith in action event.
    • Become an advisor to our Youth Group
    • Serve the church as an officer on the Board of Directors

These are just some of the many ways you can become involved. To get involved seek out our minister. He can point you in the right direction. Or, you can email him at minister@uutapestry.org.

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