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Tracy Cook will be posting information about upcoming Camps and Retreats at UBARU, so keep checking back! 

Most of the Camps and Retreats are open to whomever would like to attend. Others are more focused. If you have any questions, just ask! You can reach me at: retreat@uutapestry.org 


Star Party: Early-Bird Pricing Closes July 31

by Tracy Cook on 7/15/2024

Hello, Campers,

If you have never been to a Star Party at UBARU, then you are missing out! There are so many things to do, and a lot of different options for pricing.

For example, did you know you can register for just two days instead of three? Or tent-camp instead of renting a bunk?

There is also a variety of activities during the day to keep you occupied until the sun sets. Full details are on the website at https://www.ubaru.org/ubaru-star-party.

I will be at UBARU for SWUUSI Camp on July 21-26, but you can ask me about the Star Party when I return. I will be at church for July 28 services - and the Cooking with Kids event!

Early-Bird pricing for this event ends on July 31, 2024, so you may want to reserve a spot soon…

Link to the event is HERE.

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What *IS* SWUUSI Camp, anyways?

by Tracy Cook on 7/9/2024

Have you registered for SWUUSI Camp yet?

Are you maybe not sure what SWUUSI Camp is, exactly?! Well, I’m glad you asked!

SWUUSI Camp is an intergenerational experience where we start each day with Worship led by a minister. We then continue on to service projects or morning workshops, depending on your interest. And then we take a break for lunch. In the afternoon, we have more workshops - all inside, though, because this is still Texas in the summertime! Another break for going to the pool, taking a nap, or talking with people in the Meeting House. We have time for dinner and things like the Talent Show, and we end the evening with Sunset Talks by the pool. This is another time for reflection and inspiration, led by a minister.

There’s always something happening in the Meeting House after hours. Talking, games, coloring books, or a fire outside with maybe some s’mores…

If you are ready to register, I’ll see you there! 

July 21-26 https://www.ubaru.org/swuusicamp 

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Free Stuff to Do Online

by Tracy Cook on 7/1/2024

Hey, Y’all!

Did you know UBARU sponsors some free, ongoing online events?

Every Friday from 9:30-10:30 AM 

Zumba for Body and Spirit - Dance as a spiritual practice, for all ages (adults and kids), genders, abilities, and fitness levels. Set an intention for joy, energy, movement, and community. Open to UUs and the wider community, and led by Community Minister Rev. Erin Walter. For questions or song requests, contact erinjwalter@gmail.com.

Every Friday from 6:30-8:00 PM

Rev. Betty Skwarek will lead Friday Fellowship. All are welcome to join in the Zoom service. Gather to unwind with meditation, a homily, and conversation from a liberal religious viewpoint. Sponsored by UBarU and Unitarian Universalist Free Range Ministry. Registration is required for this event. You can find the registration link at https://www.ubaru.org/ubaru-e-events.

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SWUUSI Camp Early Bird Pricing Closes This Week!

by Tracy Cook on 6/24/2024


SWUUSI camp (Southwest Unitarian Universalist Summer Intergenerational camp) is community, relaxation, nature, worship, music, faith development, justice work, great food, and programming for all ages.

We have a preliminary Daily Schedule on the registration page.

Registration is linked HERE.

Early Bird pricing is closing soon, so make plans to join us now!

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GenderfUUl Retreat

by Tracy Cook on 6/18/2024

Join us at camp August 16-18 2024!

The Genderfuul retreat is an affirming retreat where trans, non-binary & agender UU adults can build community with each other. From nature walks to spiritual discussions and crafts, we hope that each person is able to relax and connect with the sacredness of being genderful. Our chaplain will foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to acknowledge and value the wide variety of identities, experiences, feelings, vocabulary and traumas that come with existing in an often oppressively gendered world.

In addition to discussions, crafts, meals and lodging, the weekend will include swimming in the UBarU stock tank pool, walking the labyrinth, resting and renewing your body and spirit.

Cost includes meals and lodging for event from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast.  Lodging options include bunks in the Brown Center for $155 (private rooms available for $55 extra) and camping (please bring your own tent) for $110.  Prices will increase after July 19.

Please visit www.ubaru.org for additional information. Or you can contact me (Tracy Cook) at retreat@uutapestry.org.

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