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Symbol of Our Faith: The Flaming Chalice


The Flaming Chalice symbolizes for us the warmth of community and fire of creative truth, emerging from an eternal cup of common bonds, placed off center within the two coinciding circles of historical Unitarianism and Universalism.

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?
Every individual should be encouraged to develop a personal philosophy of life. Everyone is capable of reasoning. We do not need any other person, official or organization to tell us what to believe. We should be able to present religious opinions openly, without fear of censure or reprisal. All people should be tolerant of the religious ideas of others. Truth is not absolute; it changes over time. Everyone should continue to search for the truth. Everyone has an equal claim to life, liberty and justice. People should be open to criticism. Good works are the natural product of a good faith.
Do you believe in God?
We do not have a defined doctrine of God. Members are free to develop individual concepts of God that are meaningful to them. They are also free to reject the term and concept altogether. Most of us do not believe in a supernatural, Supreme Being who can directly intervene in and alter human life or the mechanism of the natural world. Many of us do believe in a spirit of life or a power within themselves, which some choose to call God.
Which values do you hold highest?
We regard the highest values to be integrity, caring, compassion, social justice, truth, personal peace and harmony. Advancing these values is a major purpose of our congregation.
Do you believe in life after death?
Since we place emphasis on the individual search for spiritual meaning, members' beliefs on this issue vary widely, from those who believe that immortality manifests itself in the lives of those we affect during our lifetime, rather than in our individual selves, to those who believe that some part of us as individuals continues on after death. Most of us do not believe in a final judgment where some would go to a heaven while others would go to a hell. We think of this life as a learning experience, for our minds and spirits, and some of us believe that learning continues after we die.
What are the bonds that unify UUs?

Our stated bonds are the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our unstated bonds are our mutual respect for each other and our appreciation of the many religious, philosophical and spiritual paths our members pursue. We are bound together in our mutual concern for one another's well being, and our willingness to aid each other in time of need.

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