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Stewardship is about wisely identifying and using our resources to build and sustain our church, while caring for each other and ourselves. Being present, donating money, volunteering our time, sharing our talents. We offer these treasured resources to help us fulfill our vision of putting our Unitarian Universalist principles into practice, while promoting balanced giving.

Some people have more money than time; others have more time than money; others have minimal time and money to share. All are welcome and valued.  By being a Tapestry member, you are pledging to help sustain and grow the church, through your contributions of time, talent and/or monetary support. All contributions are valued.

If you would like to contribute an article to this blog, please email stewardship@uutapestry.org.


Howdy, Friends and Neighbors!

by Tracy Cook on 2/26/2024

My name is Tracy Cook, and I have been a member at Tapestry Unitarian Universalist Church for 17-ish years.

I started my journey looking for a community for myself several years ago. I wasn’t out of the broom closet yet, but I wanted somewhere I could go to grow spiritually. I know, that sounds weird right?! Why would I go to a Christian organization to grow my pagan self?! Well, my work friends all attended church together. And I thought I could use my internal translator for the messages. 

Nope. It was super frustrating and stressful. At one point, all of this hit me hard. I came home nearly in tears and told George I NEEDED something different, and he sighed and said he thought he knew just the place we all could go as a family. 

He was raised UU, for like 5 generations back. He took us all to NWCUUC (former name) and we met the then-President and her kids after a scheduled Play Group. My kids loved it, I liked what she had to say, and we showed up the next Sunday.

George jokes that he saved me, but he really did.

The kids liked that they weren’t harassed on the bus any longer, no more scary stories about going to hell since they could answer that they attended church. They enjoyed learning from the other adults in the community, especially Andy!

I embraced my pagan side and found kindred spirits to honor the natural rhythms of our world. 

So what do I see for our future? What is next?! I see so much opportunity for us to be a beacon to those who feel lost and overwhelmed. I love the home I found here, and I want others to feel they are welcome here, too. Rev Alisha has laid out an excellent plan and timetable for involvement, both here at Tapestry and in the larger community. She put a lot of thought and work into aligning everything we shared, and came up with a wonderful document.

I’m going to increase my Pledge in order to help us make these dreams a reality! Who’s with me?!

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by Eric Huckabay on 2/14/2024

Spider-Man. That's why I invest in Tapestry. Well, him and the Scoobie gang.

Wait... what??!

OK, perhaps I've gotten ahead of myself. I should back up.

Any of you who have heard me speak on spiritual topics will know that I'm a little obsessed with Challenge and Solace. Those are my spiritual touchstones. To afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, if you want to get Biblical about it.

Which brings us to Spider-man. What was his primary motivation, throughout his career, no matter who was writing him? With power comes responsibility. I have great enough power to inherit some of that responsibility, but little enough that it would be irresponsible to try to be a super hero. I won't change the world in my lifetime. But maybe I can change the little things, the local things.

The Scoobie gang, whether you mean Daphne and Velma or Xander and Willow, have something in common. No world changing power, but a willingness to be there, and to help. And a second thing -- a discovery that being the hero is hard, but that it gets easier when you have the support of friends around you. People you can count on.

Maybe I'll never be a "big damn hero". Tapestry is the sort of place where I feel like I can be somebody's little hero, today, this week, and where I'm in good company doing it.

Thank you for being a part of that. You are, in many senses, my super group and my Solace. Blessed be.

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Allan’s Witness Statement

by Allan Perkins on 1/1/2024

My family and I were going to a large church in the area but were not really happy. I had been a deacon and helped serve Holy Communion for four years. Members kept asking if we were new at the church.

Then I heard about a group of families who were starting a new church. I went to several planning meetings and liked what I saw. So, we joined the new church for its very first service.

That was 1995 and Northwest Community UU, which later became Tapestry. Even when the church was at its largest, it always had a family feel. Members have always shown true concern for each other and the community. NWCUU/Tapestry has always been a family centered church with a big heart.

We have always had a strong religious education effort and expect to see that again as the church continues to grow. For example; We had a family who adopted a preschooler who had a very rough early life. She wanted to stay with her parents and didn’t want to participate in RE activities. But everyone tried to treat her with love and understanding.

Then one Sunday as the children were sitting in a circle singing. This frightened child left her parents and walked up to one of the teenaged girls. The teen held out her hands and the toddler walked into her arms. She then sat on the teen’s lap. From then on the two of them were the best of friends and the teen looked out for the toddler.  They are now middle aged women with their own families.

This is the kind of love that has always made this church a unique place to worship.

Allan T. Perkins
Corner Forum Leader

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My name is Justin

by Justin Changalpet on 12/1/2023

Hello everyone, my name is Justin Changalpet, and I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for the incredible community I have found at Tapestry Unitarian Universalist Church.

When I first began my search for an LGBT-friendly church in Cypress, Texas, I stumbled upon Tapestry. From the moment I attended my first service, I felt an immediate connection. It was unlike any other church I had encountered before. At Tapestry, the values of love, acceptance, and inclusion are not just preached, they are genuinely embraced by everyone in the congregation.

Tapestry has had a profound impact on my life and spirituality. As someone who felt disconnected from traditional religious beliefs, I was hesitant about joining any church community. However, Tapestry encouraged me to see the beauty in the gray areas of faith and helped me reconcile past resentments towards religion. I have found common ground with individuals who hold different beliefs.

One thing that truly stands out about Tapestry is its sense of community. From the moment I walked through the doors, I felt welcomed and accepted. It became a place where I could truly be myself without fear of judgment. The quarterly services, such as Water Communion, Bread Communion, Burning Bowl, and Flower Communion, have provided meaningful opportunities to connect and bond with others in the church.

Moreover, Tapestry has played a crucial role in my personal growth and development. It fosters an environment that encourages the exploration and deepening of beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others. Through engaging in various church activities, I have gained new insights and a profound understanding of spirituality and the interconnectedness of all beings.

The programs and services offered by Tapestry have not only impacted my life, but they have also made a difference in the broader community. Whether through their community outreach efforts, social justice initiatives, or educational workshops, Tapestry actively works towards creating a better world in line with the values of the Unitarian Universalist faith. I am proud to be part of a community that is dedicated to making a positive impact.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the individuals at Tapestry who have played a significant role in my personal journey. The welcoming and supportive nature of the church community has left a lasting impression on my heart. From the smiling faces that greeted me to the profound conversations I have had with fellow members, I am thankful for their guidance, mentorship, and the cherished friendships that have formed.

In conclusion, Tapestry Unitarian Universalist Church has provided me with a profound sense of belonging and a community where I am truly accepted. It has enriched my life, helped me heal from past experiences, and deepened my understanding of spirituality. I wholeheartedly encourage others to join me in supporting the stewardship drive so that Tapestry can continue making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the world at large. I am eternally grateful for the love, acceptance, and personal growth that I have found at Tapestry.

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What Is Tapestry to Me?

by Erika Calderon on 11/8/2023

What is Tapestry to me? It has been several things:

  • Place to grow
  • Place to connect
  • Place to be loved
  • Place to be accepted as I am
  • Place to dream
  • Place to believe

Place to be
I arrived to Tapestry in shambles. Coming from a difficult breakup and an unpleasant experience from my previous church. I arrived with tears and received open arms.

Place to connect
I arrived with a deep need to connect with other women-aligned individuals about how we experience this world and this life. Tapestry gave me a clean slate to create the experience I needed. The women- aligned spirituality group was created and it has been one of the best experiences in my life. This group allows for deep connections.

Place to be accepted as I am
I arrived with my quiet demeanor and the time it takes to warm up before I open up. And that was ok. I have found this place allows me to just be with the knowledge that my Tapestry family is there when I am ready to connect.

Place to dream
I can see the potential this church has to grow and evolve. I am so excited to be part of this new phase-with new people, new families, new programs, new ways to connect. The sky's the limit!

Place to believe
Tapestry is a place where I am invited to believe in the goodness of each other, in the possibilities of how we can transform ourselves into better versions of ourselves.

In order for all this to happen we need your help. We need all our members and friends to contribute with time, talent and treasure so we can continue to bring this to more people in our community.

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