Weaving a Tapestry

Pathways to Membership

Why Join

It has been our experience that people are looking for basically three things when considering joining a church: a place to worship, fellowship, and an opportunity to do good works. At Tapestry people are encouraged to explore their own ideas about spirituality within the framework of the 7 principles which unite us as a group. A variety of viewpoints are expressed in the pulpit and presenters include both lay speakers and ordained ministers.

We are proud of the activities and social groups at Tapestry which include spiritual parenting, the cooking covenant, crafting, meditation, the men’s group, Second Saturday Supper, and many others. People wishing to help in the community will find plenty of opportunities at Tapestry. Our Faith in Action activities include blood drives, beach clean-ups, the AIDS walk, visiting retirement homes, and participating in the MS 150 cycling event.

How to Join

Every quarter we hold orientation classes for people interested in becoming members or just learning more about our church. Typically a prospective member has been attending services for several months and has a good feel for the church by the time they begin classes. The first class covers UU history, the 7 principles, and provides an opportunity for people to share about their spiritual and religious background. The second class focuses on the history of our congregation as well as UU governance structure. The third and final class discusses the benefits and expectations of membership. While financial support is important we also ask that people contribute their time and talent to the church community in a way that is personally fulfilling.